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Digital Advertising

Use our healthcare intelligence platform to easily create custom audience segments for digital advertising across Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), and social platforms so you can get your message in front of the right decision makers for a more targeted and rewarding ad spend.

Digital Advertising Illustration
Increase lead generation, improve brand awareness, or grow prospect and customer engagement, through our unique audience segmentation options:
  • Clinical Target Icon
    NPI level targeting of clinical professionals.
  • Prescribe Target Icon
    Prescribing behavior targeting based on claims data.
  • Competitor Target Icon
    Target your ads to your competitor’s customers directly through our Competitor targeting Institutional/ Employer level targeting
  • Technographic Icon
    Technographic targeting
  • News Events Target Icon
    Target based on market signals/ news and events

Email Marketing

Deploy your targeted email marketing campaigns effortlessly through our managed email marketing platform including:
  • A/B Testing Icon
    A/B Testing
  • Spam Mail Icon
    IP/Spam Deliverability
  • HTML Icon
    HTML and Content Review
  • Full Reporting Icons
    Full Reporting
  • Reminder and Optimization Icon
    Reminders and Optimizations

Website Intelligence

  • Anonymous Icon
    Identify the Anonymous Visitors Coming to your Website
  • Link Visitors Icon
    Link visitors to marketing campaigns to determine ROI
  • Tie Visitors
    Tie visitors to NPI, clinical and business level data