Marketing & Sales Teams

DocDelta is a marketing and sales automation platform, just for the healthcare industry.

Automated lead generation

Create detailed buyer persona segments and target lists using hundreds of actionable data points on 3.5 Million healthcare professionals. Including clinical, demographic, social and market data points.

Automatically deploy personalized, relevant and impactful one to one emails at scale. Simply and easily filter positive responses to your team.


Database Enrichment

Data enrichment is the first step to marketing automation, helping you to make the most of your data assets and your CRM.

Improve your healthcare professional data assets by adding missing data and preventing data decay - keeping your data relevant with highly actionable data points tied to  unique healthcare provider identifier data.

Uncover hidden opportunities that are hiding behind incomplete data in your current database.

Predictive Insights and Smart Matching

Find the low hanging fruit by matching your opportunity with buyer personas created from on hundreds of  clinical, behavioral, geographic  and social data points.

Duplicate your success though predicting and targeting attractive high traction segments

A/B test messaging and channels to see what resonates with different segments and determine your optimal customer acquisition journey

Social Targeting

Optimize your digital advertising spend though targeting the right segments and the right channels including: email, social media, SMS and email.

 Identify and retarget visitors to your website, allowing you to efficiently recapture their interest across the web.

Healthcare Data + Automation

High-quality contact data combined with deep institutional and provider data is the first step to reducing operating costs, increasing revenues, and delivering better care.

Comprehensive healthcare data, made actionable